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Work time
3 weeks

Solo Project

Narrative Design Document


As an assignment during my game design education at Futuregames, we were asked to write a narrative design document under the following premise:


The client has asked you to create an open world high fantasy RPG with a dark tone.

  • The main character is an outsider and should feel powerful in some ways but not without vulnerability – mechanical and otherwise.

  • The main gameplay involves killing monsters and there's lots of ways to kill them, but this doesn't have to be the Macguffin.

  • Narrative is very important to the game world, so it's important that it features as much as possible in the mechanical design.

  • As much as possible must fundamentally contrast the main characters emotional conflict/Macguffin.

  • The journey the player is going on is a personal one, the task doesn't have to be of world shattering importance. Try not to make it too urgent, so the player is encouraged to kill monsters and do side quest things too.


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